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Short and long - term rental Station

For a business meeting or a family outing, all our rates are very affordable and the accessories – bike locks, baby seat, helmets – are free.

Save time on small everyday trips with a well-equipped bicycle, maintenance included !  And why not a fleet of "metrobikes" in your company or organisation: talk about it with your manager or HRD.... If you live less than 5 km from your workplace, try going by bike. You will be surprised by the results : you will save time and arrive at work full of energy, not to mention the money you will save. In fact, a large proportion of the 2 300 bike in the Métrovélo fleet are used by customers who have made this practical and eco-citizen choice !

Rental - user information

Check if a bike is available in the agency of your choice (displayed in real time at top right of this page) and maybe weather conditions too – make sure you have the necessary papers

# identity papers: passport or resident\'s permit

# deposit: French bank cheque preferably, Visa, Mastercard, cash or cheque (€120 /bike)

When you return the bike, the deposit will be reimbursed.

Always attach your bike, even for short stops: bikes are rented with two high-quality locks: main U-shaped lock for attaching the frame to a fixed point and a secondary lock with a cable for attaching the rear wheel. If possible, keep your bike in closed premises on a storage hook overnight – visit the agency regularly for bike inspection and maintenance (approximately every two months under ordinary conditions); for major problems, visit the agency for emergency repairs – plan your trip: a windbreaker or rain cape and a small puncture-repair spray can be very practical for arriving at your destination dry and on time ! These accessories are on sale at the bike shops.

Bike storage facility at Grenoble, Gières and Echirolles stations

So, you would like to combine train + bike and reduce your travel time ? Okay, but how can you be sure that your bike will always be there ?

Métrovélo has the solution with a secure "bike storage" facility at the Grenoble, Gières and Echirolles stations and plans for two others (Gières and Echirolles) in 2008. bike storage at Grenoble station Secure parking for your bike at the end of the SNCF platform, a service offered by the Grenoble station agency open 7/7. With 260 storage places today, plans are realized to significantly increase its capacity to 450 – 500 places and provide an additional 24/24 access using a contactless badge. Automatic bike storage Gières et Echirolles stations with 70 places and located right next to the SNCF platforms, the Gières and Echirolles stations bike storage facility will be accessible 24/24 using a contactless badge. There will also be an interphone if you have forgotten your badge or have a technical problem.

Services available at Grenoble station:

- self-service tyre inflation, 

- transport and bike information,

- bike rental in case of breakdown,

- "storage + maintenance" package, the Métrovélo team handles ordinary bike maintenance (NB: spare parts not included; the Métrovélo team may also refuse to draw up this type of contract for a bike in very poor general condition or requiring special tools, for instance, some Dutch-type bike).

Storage user information:

- check the availability of a storage place by contacting the Station agency,

- make sure you have the necessary papers

- identity papers: ID card, driving licence, passport or resident\\\'s permit,

- deposit to rent a bike : cheque, CB, Visa or Mastercard, or, alternatively, cash (€120 per bike)

Always attach your bike in its parking space (Métrovélo offers you a parking service, not a caretaking service).

New service since september 2010 !

MetroveloBOX :

- possibility to rent a bike 24/24 and 7 days a week,

- park safely your own bike in an individual box.

Services avaible in 30 places of Grenoble area.

Rental rate

Rental period Full rate Reduce rate Bond
Day (all bicyle) 3.00 3.00 120.00
Monthly 20.00 15.00 120.00
3 months 50.00 35.00 120.00
Annual 105.00 85.00 120.00

* The bond may be paid:
- by cheque cashed if rental period exceeds one month,
- by CB or cash.
The bond will be reimbursed on return of the bicycle.
* Reduced rate for young people under 19, TAG, TER, TRANSISERE subscribers, jobseekers, students under 26: on presentation of ID and proof/valid transport voucher

  Métrovélo Station

Grenoble, place de la gare
SNCF station underpass

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 7 am - 8 pm

Saturday, 9 am - midday

Sunday and bank holidays 2 pm - 7 pm

  Métrovélo Campus

Gières, avenue de la bibliothèque
B/C tram lines stop  "Bibliothèques universitaires"

Opening hours
Monday to Friday:
10.30 am - 1 pm / 2.15- 6.30 pm

Agency closed during university
holidays and on bank holidays
  StationMobile L'agence
Grenoble, 15 boulevard Joseph Vallier
Opening hours
Monday to Friday : 8.30 am - 18.30 pm
Saturday and bank holidays : 9.00 am - 17.00 pm